Regenerative Medicine & PRP Injections

When a person experiences an injury or has a degenerative condition, their body tries to repair the damaged tissue. One way to help with this is by injecting an individual’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) straight into the injured area, which then stimulates tissue repair and speeds up the natural recovery process.

This form of healing is not only used to help with pain, but can also be used to treat conditions like:

Sport-related injuries


Ligament and meniscal tears

Spine conditions

Rotator cuff and larum injuries

Overuse syndrome

Degenerative joint disease


Nerve entrapment

Regenexx® procedures using PRP are non-surgical treatments performed using advanced technology such as ultrasound or fluoroscopy for exact placement and can help patients improve in as little as a few weeks. CVMS providers Dr. Ashar Afzal and Dr. Frank Hawkins are well-versed in Regenexx® procedures and have over 50 years of combined experience with pain management. The pair provide treatment in both Waterloo and Waverly.

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