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The Cedar Valley Sleep Center Introduces New Alternatives for Sleep Apnea Treatment.

Waterloo, Iowa – The Cedar Valley Sleep Center is proud to introduce several advancements in sleep apnea treatment technology intended to increase patient comfort and effectively treat this life-threatening condition that afflicts 18 million Americans.

Sleep apnea is a breathing condition that occurs during sleep and can increase a person’s risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other health threats. Like many providers, the Cedar Valley Sleep Center has traditionally treated sleep apnea using CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines, which circulate air for the patient through masks worn during sleep to ensure continuous breathing. However, around half of all CPAP users quickly experience discomfort and stop using the machine and remain exposed to the dangers of sleep apnea, including breathing cessation during sleep and a more than three-times-greater chance of death than those without high-level, untreated sleep apnea, according to an 18-year study by the Wisconsin Sleep Cohort that was published in 2008. This has prompted the Cedar Valley Sleep Center to begin offering alternative, more comfortable CPAP machines to patients.

“By forgoing the CPAP treatment, patients are missing out on both better sleep and on reducing or eliminating life-threatening risks,” says Francis Connelly of the center. “For patients who have ever given up on their CPAP, or are unhappy with their current machine, it’s really worth taking a look at all the new options that are available today.”

Due to technological advancements designed to increase patient comfort, Connelly can equip patients with CPAP machines that are the size of a pop can or are wireless or are whisper-quiet. Other models regulate the circulated air through built-in humidifiers and heaters, and some offer nasal pillows in lieu of nose and mouth masks. The Cedar Valley Sleep Center’s partnerships also offer patients additional treatment options. Dr. David Congdon from the Cedar Valley Center for ENT and Sinus refers patients for sleep studies, and offers alternatives that include corrective surgery to effectively eliminate snoring and sleep apnea effects.