Mission Statement

Cedar Valley Medical Specialists, P.C.
Mission & Vision Statement

To provide the highest quality, most cost efficient patient care in Northern Iowa, through a community of specialty providers.


  • To provide for a mechanism of utilization review, continuous quality improvement, outcomes research, and practice guidelines to assure the delivery of the highest quality patient care.
  • To create an atmosphere of enhanced cooperation among the specialties in the area, including primary care
  • To create practice opportunities for other fields and specialties in the area, and provide for greater sub specialization within existing specialties.
  • To provide for a means of increasing patient education and public awareness of issues pertaining to healthcare, especially as it affects Northern Iowa
  • To promote cooperation, communication, and coordinated care across all specialties
  • To earn the right to "remain" into the future - become indispensable to patients and their third-party payers (i.e., cost, quality, access)
  • To better serve patients by remaining physician-owned and governed; professionally managed
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